Patio Heater Covers

Keep your patio heater protected from the elements with a UV and water-resistant Casco Patio Heater Cover. With a variety of sizes and models available, you can ensure your patio heater is clean and ready for any occasion all year round. If a cover isn’t what you are looking for, we also offer component parts, such as propane tank and hood covers.

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  • universal fit tower heater cover

    Casco Universal Fit Tower Heater Cover

  • universal fit table heater cover

    Casco Universal Fit Table Heater Cover

  • universal fit propane cover

    Casco Universal Fit Propane Tank Cover

  • Casco Universal Fit Dome Heater Cover


Compare Fabric Options

Research shows that people usually change their outdoor furniture every 5-7 years, but we’ve had many instances where our customers won’t do this, as their furniture has been well-maintained thanks to the superior performance of our covers. We are confident that the materials we use to manufacture our products will ensure, maintain, and elongate the quality and life of your outdoor furniture.

Premium Vinyl

3 Year WarrantyThe Premium Vinyl option is a highly durable 23oz heavy supported vinyl on the outside, with a fleece interior to prevent scratching. It provides superior fade, UV, Abrasion, and scratch resistance, and is excellent at repelling water as well. Ultatexhyde also resists cold crack up to negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a perfect fabric for protecting outdoor furniture and appliances during cold winter seasons.

Fade Resistant (5/5)
Water Repellant (4.5/5)
UV Resistant (5/5)
Abrasion Resistant (5/5)
Scratch Resistant (5/5)

Superior Polyester

5 Year WarrantyThe Superior Polyester option is a highly durable 7.5 solution-dyed polyester that is easy to clean, antimicrobial, and withstand nearly anything nature can throw its way. This material is suited for a variety of outdoor applications, especially wooded residences, due to its excellent Fade, UV, Abrasion, mold and mildew, and Water resistance.

Fade Resistant (5/5)
Water Resistant (4.5/5)
UV Resistant (5/5)
Abrasion Resistant (5/5)
Scratch Resistant (3.5/5)

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